What Does It Take To Become A Professional Gamer?

professional gamers

Professional gamers watching their teammate play.

Professional gaming these days seems all the rage, but like any other sports, it does require a herculean amount of effort and time in order to become a “professional”. Is there any raw talent behind the gaming scenes? Of course. Just because the more traditional form of sports that involve a ball have more people watching them doesn’t necessarily mean the less popular sports aren’t just as well rewarding for professionals. The same can be said of gaming. What does it really take to be a professional gamer nowadays?

Fortunately, you don’t require anything as expensive as body training equipment, regimes or sponsors. All a gamer really needs to show off his or her skills is a good set of gaming equipment such as a keyboard and a mouse. Gaming versions of these gadgets do make a significant difference just like the shoes of an athletic runner, or the racket of a world champion tennis player. The better your equipment is, the greater the support it provides you. Sure, you can make do without them but if they aren’t terribly expensive to acquire, why not invest in them?

With that said, I’d like to now discuss the best brands there are currently for gaming purposes. Keyboards are not as important as mice when it comes to gaming for obvious reasons so we’re going to focus more on the mouse here. A gaming mouse must have at least 4000 DPI so that the accuracy and sensitivity of the mouse movements can be tracked perfectly. The polling rate doesn’t matter quite as much since any gaming mice these days can easily reach 500 Hz or more. As far as the brands go, there are a couple of notable ones. I personally like Razer’s wireless gaming mice since after all, it is a brand that was built with gamers in mind. You could also check out more wireless mouse reviews here before purchasing one.

Etekcity Scroll X1 gaming mouse

The X1 gaming mouse by Etekcity.

There’s a much less known gaming company known as Etekcity that has risen to fame lately as well. Its most popular Etekcity Scroll X1 mouse is selling tremendously well and for good reason. With an extremely low entry price of $20 or so, this gaming mouse fits most of the criteria mentioned above without the unnecessary flash of programmable buttons, extreme design and whatnot. It has the bare minimal laser sensor of 4000 DPI, DPI switching buttons, Omron micro buttons and decent teflon pads to ensure smooth gliding across most surfaces.

The grip feels great proportionate to the size of my hands (which are rather large by the way). The comfort level is just top-notch and gaming on it continuously is as seamless as it goes. Because it’s a new gaming brand, this mouse offers great value for its price, something which is very rare when it comes to premium brands like Razer and even Logitech. If you are really on a budget, this particular gaming mouse will fit into your set of equipment really nicely whilst offering optimal performance. Save your cash for other more demanding items like a good graphics adapter for higher frame rates instead.

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